Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show - interview with co-creator Maggie Leonard on TodayFM radio

“A game devoted to food lovers, SMORGASBOARD deliciously combines two Yuletide pastimes perfectly”
(Age UK )

“Are you both greedy and ridiculously competitive? Of course you are. Get SMORGASBOARD...!”
(Jay Rayner, The Guardian )

“A great alternative to MONOPOLY and Scrabble, this game is a great addition to a dinner party or Christmas festivities”
(Tasting Britain)

“If you consider yourself a foodie... then this is definitely the game for you”

“It's brilliant... great fun!”
(Donal Skehan, Celebrity Chef)

“Your board game rocks! Addicted! I love your game... every house in Ireland should have one for Christmas!”
(Clodagh McKenna, Celebrity Chef)

“Beautifully designed and cleverly constructed. While it will hold obvious appeal for the extreme epicure it will equally enchant the class of player who eats only every other month”
(Joe McNamee, The Examiner)

“It's the perfect investment for family fun or as means to while away the holidays, both for kids and grown-up kids”
(RTÉ Food)

“SMORGASBOARD will entertain the clan and stop Grandad falling asleep. It's a test of your food mettle”
(delicious. Magazine)

“I recommend it because I was given one last Christmas.  It's great fun, especially if you play after a dinner party with your food loving friends!”
(Ketty Elisabeth, French Foodie in Dublin)

“SMORGASBOARD, the latest accessory for any dinner party, is an exciting, fun game which brings foodlovers together and is sure to keep everyone at the table entertained. It is definitely a family favourite board game in our house!”
(Aideen, Dublin, Ireland)

“I played SMORGASBOARD with some family and friends, some who are more 'foodies' than others and the wonderful thing about this game is that it has a nice mix of categories, questions and tasks that all can get involved in! You don't have to an expert in food, if you enjoy food, hanging out with friends and family and having a laugh you will enjoy SMORGASBOARD. This game is for anyone who enjoys eating food and having the craic while playing a board game! While playing the game, inspired by the questions, categories and tasks, all involved started to share stories about food they had eaten while travelling, restaurants they ate in and meals they had cooked themselves, the game became a personal sharing experience aswell as competing to win! SMORGASBOARD is colourful, educational and fun!”
(Babs, Dublin, Ireland)

“SMORGASBOARD has the perfect balance between being challenging and fun! The game would suit all types of food and fun lovers as you can team up and even if you are not completely food savvy there are still categories in which you can shine. I would definitely play the game again as each time you play you can choose a different partner and see how well you can communicate the answers. The game is unique in that it fits in perfectly with entertaining people and dining in the one occasion. To describe the game in three words ‘virtual food fight’!”
(Emma, Drogheda, Ireland)

“SMORGASBOARD was good fun because we were able to dip in and out of the game, in between eating, drinking and conversation. Each bit of the game sparked a new bit of conversation and it really livened up the evening. We were playing it with some couples that we didn't know so well and it was a brilliant ice-breaker. And the next day, I was inspired by one of the questions to make some guacamole! I can't wait to have another go at testing my culinary knowledge. This game is for people who enjoy their food - and who doesn't? You don't have to be an expert to have fun playing SMORGASBOARD - but you will be inspired to learn more about food. There aren't many games that you can play at such a leisurely pace. And it's the first foodie board game that I've ever played. It’s innovative, testing and inspiring!”
(Joanne & Alan, Drogheda, Ireland)

“SMORGASBOARD was great craic! I had a brilliant night playing with some friends. It's something different if you want a good night in. We enjoyed some good food and then played the game to see who really was the best chef. You really don't have to be a big foodie either to enjoy it. Would definitely recommend it!”
(Ruth, Dublin, Ireland)